Glenn Sharp at Rich Mix

Glenn is a session musician, composer and producer on the world music scene. He is a session guitarist who specialises in traditional acoustic music (flamenco and arabic in particular), but has also worked on projects including Latin, Indian, African and ancient Greco/Roman music. He has performed and studied traditional music worldwide, playing instruments including guitar (flamenco, classical, acoustic and electric), oud and saz. Glenn composes and performs production music for film, TV and other media.


Guy Schalom, Sheikh Taha, Davod Azad, Nizar Rohana, Aref Durvesh, Louai Elhenawi, Fanna-Fi Allah, Hossam Ramzy, Nitin Sawhney, Frank London, Olcay Bayir, Chico Pere, Giuliano Modarelli, Paul Cheneour, Natalia Garcia-Huidobro, Merlin Shepherd, Emmanuel Mann, Los Desterrados, Kalia Baklitzanaki, Araceli Garcia, Camille Malaawy, Olivia Moore, Manjeet Singh, Jason Singh, Javier Macias, Ulises Diaz, Gloria Lopez-Castejon, Awad Abusin, Carol Isaacs, Arian Sadr, Ali Jaberi, Arun Shenoy, Emmanuela Yogolelo, Serge Tebu, Myke Wilson, The Owl Ensemble, Jasdeep Singh Degun, Serpil Kilic, Nat Birchall, Sonia Ochoa


Session musician (inc online sessions), media composer & music production. Glenn is available to hire as a solo flamenco / Spanish guitarist for public and private events. Private guitar tuition.

List of available instruments.